Welcome to the Decor and Furniture Shop

Welcome! You have arrived at one of the UK’s newest and increasingly popular online store fronts for all things related to the home interior. On this website you will find furniture, decorative accessories and fixtures for just about any room in the typical British home. From bedrooms and bathrooms to hallways and living rooms, there is a section to suit all tastes, requirements and needs.

As you will see in the main navigation bar, there are a number of sections relating to different areas of the home. These are as follows:

Bathroom: Included in this section are a wide variety of bathroom accessories which include shaving mirrors, glass shelving, laundry baskets and soap dishes, amongst other things. The usual bathroom furnishings are also included which cover toilets, sink basins, shower cubicles, vanities and cabinets to meet all your needs.

Bedroom: Beds come in all shapes, sizes and materials. This section provides a myriad of different bed furniture possibilities for your bedroom. Want a platform, bunk or futon bed? You’ll find one here. Also shown here are a variety of bedroom accessories such as night stands, dressers, wardrobes and bedding.

Decorative: The decorative section is devoted to decorative accessories, accents and items that bring colour, shape, style, meaning and themed touches to the domestic home interior. Products include vases, statues, figurines, bowls, baskets, candle holders, decorative plates, clocks, wall hangings and wall art, including a whole lot more.

Dining: As the name suggests, this section covers all items found in the typical dining room. Furniture for this room serves the purpose of seating diners and also providing storage and serving areas for everything connected to breakfast, lunch and most importantly, dinner. Also contained in this section are a variety of cutlery, serveware, dinnerware, glassware and attractive table fabrics. Tea and coffee items can be discovered here too.

Kids: Children from a few days old to the early teens are catered for in this section. Nursery décor and toddler bedrooms, whether for boys or girls, kid’s furniture and décor is often the most colourful you’ll find which suits children right down to the ground. Also included in this exciting section are baby’s cots, bunk beds, tables, toy boxes, lamps, rugs and mirrors.

Kitchen: I can hear the dishwasher from here. This section is devoted to everything found in the home kitchen interior. Furniture that can be found here includes kitchen table and chair sets, butcher blocks, carts, islands and racks. As well as the larger pieces, there is also a wide variety of smaller but vital items including utensils, cookware, bakeware, appliances and decorative accessories.

Lighting: This section covers the large sector of home lighting. Here you will find table lights, desk lights, floor lights, wall lights and just about any other type of interior lighting you can think of. There are lamps here to suit any taste including large choices in colour, size, shape and material. Red lamps, black lamps and ultra-modern home office desk lights, all can be discovered here.

Living: No, this isn’t a chapter devoted to the meaning of life. This section deals with everything found in the living room. Furniture that can be discovered here includes sofas, love seats, coffee tables, recliners, armchairs, end tables, TV stands and various accent furniture pieces. There are classical designs and contemporary designs which will all fit in well with a multitude of existing interior décor schemes.

Miscellaneous: Everything that can’t easily be fitted into the other sections is found here. Hallway furniture, games room furnishings, home office desks and home bar fixtures can all be discovered in this rich and varied part of the website. Looking for a wine cooler, chess table, filing cabinets, umbrella stand, curtains, pet furniture or non-kitchen appliances? This section will be your first stop.

Rugs and Flooring: Carpets galore! Merge that with a good dose of wooden and stone flooring and you have a good idea of what you’ll find in this section. It’s not just regular carpets you’ll find here either but a multitude of rugs. These come in lots of different colours and materials, not to mention shapes from rectangular to oval. If you like Afghan or Persian rugs or just simple sisal rugs, you find them all here.

For easy movement around the Decor and Furniture Shop website, use the main navigation bar one can see above, just below the main website title. Sub-sections will open out and more furniture, decorative accents, fixtures, housewares and accessories will appear.

There’s also a regularly updated blog section which offers tips, inspiration, reviews and news from the world of home décor and British interior design.